Air Handlers Fort Worth, TX

Brown Service Company Repairs & Installs Air Handlers

Air handlers are an essential part of your home or office’s air conditioning system. Usually located in a garage, attic, or closet, an air handler connects to the ductwork, helping to exchange and distribute air throughout the system. It is also possible for an air handler to do this without ductwork. Air handlers typically look like a metal box and contain several working parts.

Parts of an Air Handler

  • Controls- These handle the functionality of all components.
  • Filters- These keep your home or office free of dust and other contaminants.
  • Blower/Fan- This is driven by a motor in order to move the air around and typically has several speeds.
  • Mixing Chamber- This ensures the proper amount of return, outside, and exhaust air.
  • Vibration Isolators- Blowers cause a lot of vibration, so these isolate it to prevent damage of the air handler.
  • Humidifier- This makes the air more comfortable when the heat dries air out.
  • Heating/AC Elements- This changes the temperature of the air.

Our certified team is skilled in all aspects of the business. Our technicians install and repair all types of air handlers for your Fort Worth homes and offices.

Types of Air Handlers

  • Up-Flow- These are the more common type of air handlers that push air upwards. These are typically located in basements.
  • Down-Flow- These push air down and are typically installed in a closet.
  • Horizontal-Flow- These units are generally suspended from roofs or installed on platforms.

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