HVAC Inspections, Service & Repair

HVAC inspectionsWant to minimize HVAC equipment repairs and costly replacements? How about reducing your overall monthly energy bills? That’s an easy answer, right? Well it is with Brown Service Company. Customers who sign up for our Peak Performance Agreements save more out-of-pocket costs on average than customers who do not. Want to know why?

Your home or business air conditioning and heating equipment operates much like a car that needs it’s oil changed, tires rotated and kept inflated properly and engined tuned to maintain a level of operational efficiency all-year long. Your system requires some regular HVAC inspections and servicing to maintain its highest operational efficiency while preventing costly repairs or servicing.

What’s our Peak Performance Agreements look like?

Our trained HVAC technicians schedule a visit to evaluate and inspect your heating and cooling equipment twice a year, usually once in the Spring and once in the Fall to make sure you are ready for the most demanding seasons of the year for both your heating and cooling system. This affordable plan of between 1, 2 or 3 years will not only save you money during the peak season of operation, but will help prevent equipment repair costs or unnecessary breakdowns in your HVAC system, at times that you need it most.

Another benefit of of being on our Peak Performance Agreement is you received “front-of-the-line” service, meaning you are priority scheduling when you have a service call and you will receive a 15% discount on any equipment part or labor in the event that we need to make any repairs or service.

Our goal at Brown Service Company is to bring premium performance service to every customer. And our Peak Performance Agreements help you with regular HVAC inspections, repairs and energy costs savings all year long. Talk with one of our comfort specialists today about signing up for our Peak Performance Agreement today.